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                                                                       Summer Academic Program 2021

Math 6th-9th grade (Math 6 - Algebra 1)

-Students work individually at their own levels
-Teacher circulates to check student progress and provide individual feedback and support
-Minimum of two assessments: initial assessment to determine each student’s competency level and areas of need; closing assessment to determine student’s progress and next-year placement. 


Student Expectations

-All aspects of the program, including student behavior and expectations, are governed by relevant BCCA policies and procedures, including the Student Handbook.
-Students must register for and attend all 8 weeks of the program and demonstrate progress by scoring at least 70% on the final assessment to be promoted to the next grade-level math course the following year. Students may accumulate a total of no more than 4 absences. 
-Attendance will be recorded daily. Excessive tardy arrivals, early dismissals, or absences may result in the student’s removal from the program.  


-Registered students are required to attend all eight weeks with no more than four absences. 
-Sufficient progress will be measured according to in-class assessments and may determine promotion to the next math grade level. 
-Behavior and expectations are in accord with the Student Handbook.

Cost: $720 (will be billed to your FACTS (RenWeb) account)

          $40 due at registration and the remaining

          $680 due in two installments of $340 on or before June 8 and July 13.