Back Creek Christian Academy acknowledges the invaluable benefits to education provided by current technology, and has continued to improve the school’s technological infrastructure and capabilities. BCCA requires each upper school student (grades 6-11) to have an electronic device for his or her educational use.

Please review our Honor Code and Technology Policy (Must be signed by student and parent)


While BCCA does not require that students own a particular kind or brand of device, each student’s device must meet the following criteria:

  1. The device must be a laptop or tablet of at least 10 inches in size. (A laptop is preferable and, in some cases, less expensive than many 10-inch tablets.) Phones, iPods, and similarly small devices are not adequate for full educational purposes, which include the use of keyboarding skills, document preparation, and classroom presentations.
  2. The device must have a full external keyboard that is either hard-wired or connected through Bluetooth or similar wireless technology.
  3. The device must be capable of wireless internet connectivity, and the student must have access to this capability.
  4. The device must be equipped with standard word processing and presentation applications, such as Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. Web-based applications such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive must be downloaded to the student’s device.
  5. The device must be available to the student each day of the school year. The device is a required supply, just as a notebook or planner, and may, in many cases, be required in place of such supplies.
  6. The device must be wholly compliant with every part of BCCA’s Acceptable Use Policy and federal regulations.

In addition to the above requirements, BCCA suggests the following considerations:

  1. Email access – Each student must have his or her own email account in order to have access to the school’s Moodle LMS site. Also, teachers often communicate assignments and feedback electronically. Students should have their devices synced with their accounts rather than having to login to a website.
  2. Backup and storage – Students should have a way of backing up their files. This service will not be provided by BCCA at this time.
  3. Security – BCCA has various network security measures in place. However, parents should consider installing specific protections directly onto students’ devices.
  4. Lock screen passcodes.
  5. Protective covers – BCCA is not responsible for damage to personal devices.

Please review our Honor Code and Technology Policy (Must be signed by student and parent)




Login to Parents Web

If you have any questions about RenWeb or if you are unable to log-in, please contact the school office.

RenWeb & ParentsWeb

Renweb is an online database system that allows parents to:

  • Check homework assignments for the week
  • Check grades on all assignments
  • Get assignments when a child is absent from school
  • Check billing information


Log-in Instructions

  • Email: Student’s email address (Please note that this cannot be the same email used to set up the parent’s account, but must be the student’s personal email.)
  • District Code: BC-NC
  • Go to and choose the following links
  •  Login, click “ParentsWeb” Login, click “Create New ParentsWeb” Account. Returning parents use the “Parents” tab.
  • An email from RenWeb will be sent to the student. Follow the link in that email to confirm the student’s account and set up the student’s password. (Please note the password requirements.)


RenWeb & ParentsWeb

To access grades: Click on the “Classes” link on the left. This will bring up all classes in which your child is currently enrolled. Click on the appropriate links at the top of the page to display your child’s grades.

To check Billing Information: Click on “Family Information.” Click on “Family Billing”. You can then click on the “Details” button next to each category to see charges and payments.





  1. Go to
  2. Username: Student’s ParentsWeb username
  3. Password: Student’s ParentsWeb username (The student’s ParentsWeb username is used for both the Moodle username and password for the first login, which will prompt the student to establish a new password. Please note the password requirements.)
  4. After establishing the new password, close the browser and re-open Use the new password to login. You must confirm the email address before you will be able to access your Moodle courses.

Navigating in Moodle:

• After logging in, you will be taken to your Moodle Home Page. In the middle, you will see a section called “My Courses” where all of your classes should appear. Click on the name of the class to display the course information and to view and complete assignments.

• Should you need to change your password or email address, you can do so by clicking on “My profile settings” in the Settings box.

While grades for Moodle assignments will be available for viewing in Moodle, the grades displayed in RenWeb/ParentsWeb should be considered as the student’s actual grade for the course.