Mrs. Ballard, Head of School

Welcome from Back Creek Christian Academy’s Head of School

One of my favorite times in the church service is when our pastor asks the question: Christian, what do you believe? What follows, is an oral presentation of the beliefs that are the premise behind our actions as Christians. As parents preparing for the upcoming school year, I would ask a similar question: Parent, what do you believe? In response, I want to remind you of what we believe as a school about children, schooling and Truth.

  • We believe that the Word of God should be an integral part of education.
  • We believe in an education that challenges the mind of the learner.
  • We believe in the uniqueness of children who are created in the image of God.
  • We believe in service to God through both internal and external community concerns.
  • We believe in a learning environment that optimizes spiritual, mental, and physical growth.
  • We believe in a community within the school environment that supports parents in the education of their children.

If you can say these things with conviction as a call to action for your family and the school, then you will have peace in completing your school registration form.
This statement of belief in the core values of Back Creek Christian Academy, as with the statement of faith in church, is a reminder of why and for whom we exist. It is a calling out to be more than we are capable of being on our own. It is a step of faith.

The school board, administration and teachers of Back Creek Christian Academy take this commitment to you and your children seriously. We know that the opportunity to teach your children is an opportunity to impact the world for Christ. It is our intention to honor your sacrifice, and commitment to do the same. We trust in His provision for your family.

God Bless You,

Janet K Ballard
Head of School