What others are saying…

“I love hearing my son tell the stories that you (Mrs. Lotze, 3rd grade teacher) tell because he will say it in your words (he has quite a memory) and using your examples as well. He also told me that you prayed for him today and went on and on about he loves to listen to you pray. He said, ‘Mom, Mrs. Lotze talks to God as if he was standing right in front of her, just like a friend.’ I cannot tell you how much I love that he sits under your teaching every single day. I feel he has learned more spiritually this year than ever before. If you are ever having a rough day, please know that this mom is more than grateful for the eternal impact you are having on her son.”
– Holly Wilder, Parent



“Your wonderful program gave me such pleasure, I wanted to express my gratitude for including us (the grandparents) in such a special way! My granddaughter was so pleased and proud to show me her classroom and to have me hear the songs everyone worked so hard on. Back Creek Christian Academy is a good place for my granddaughter to start her school career.”   
– Mary Kay Fish, Grandmother



Thank you – BCCA Teachers and Staff – for guiding us through this journey!”“We are so happy, proud and blessed that Mason and our family are a part of BCCA!  We thank God daily for the opportunity and privilege to be a part of this wonderful school.  Watching Mason grow over the past 4 years, both academically and spiritually has been an amazing journey!  
– Todd and Gina Cooper, Parents



“My child graduated 8th grade at BCCA. He has flourished at his extremely academic high school because of the educational foundation he received at the academy. Also, he can defend his faith and think critically to form a logical conclusion when confronted with opposing worldviews. He is excited about learning because the teachers at this school encouraged and model becoming life long learners. The teachers made the time and took the effort to get to know him and to demonstrate their love for him. I could not have asked for a better experience and I am greatly appreciative of all the staff and faculty for shaping him into the young man he is today.”
– Parent


kids“I am so thankful that my children have the opportunity to attend BCCA. Not only have I watched them grow academically, but also spiritually and emotionally. All of their teachers have loved them whole heartedly, provided them a safe environment to learn, and encouraged them to learn and think independently. From the classroom to extracurricular activities, you always feel a sense of love and community at BCCA. Thank you to all of the teachers, administration and coaches for what you do each day! We feel blessed to be a part of BCCA.” – Andrea Seymour, Parent



“Back Creek has provided our children with an exceptional education. The teachers have went above and beyond for our son with ADHD. He is thriving in the classroom.”  
– Parent