Special Education Program

The special education program at Back Creek Christian Academy serves students with mild, moderate, and significant disabilities.  Students with disabilities receive the majority of their services and supports within the context of general education classrooms.  Children with autism spectrum disorders are taught using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is a research-based method proven successful in treating children with language delays, communication disorders, and other developmental disabilities.

Each student in our program has a varying number of meaningful goals in the domains of communication, social interaction, academics, behavior, and independent functioning. The goals are chosen with input from the special education teacher, general education teacher, and parents. Each goal is run in a variety of settings, including individual, group, and inclusive settings. Data is collected on goals, and we work as a team to monitor progress.

Three levels of services are offered in the Back Creek Exceptional Student Education program.  Placement is decided upon by the IEP team (special education teacher, general education teacher(s), parents, and student).


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Tier 1 

Students at the Tier 1 level are usually on grade level and need instructional support to maintain skills. These students are sometimes slightly below grade and need more instructional support to progress, which requires collaboration between the Special Education Teacher and General Education Teacher. Accommodations are provided through differentiated assessment where students can show skills in a multitude of modes. Specialized instructional or behavioral approaches to be successful that do not require an additional person to implement in the classroom setting. Parents are reported progress on goal on a quarterly basis.


Tier 2

Students at the Tier 2 level are performing 1-2 grades below grade level and/or have behavioral difficulties that require additional support beyond the classroom management plan. Ongoing planning and collaboration are needed, often needing an additional person to provide the support. Curriculum content will be modified as appropriate to teach same concepts through differentiated instruction and evidence-based practices. Parents are reported progress on a monthly basis.



Tier 3

Students at the Tier 3 level are significantly below grade level in one or more academic and/or behavioral areas that require individualized instruction and/or behavioral approaches throughout the school day. Students in this tier level have to be carefully planned for during the development of instruction for every lesson in context of general education classroom. Instruction is related to general education curriculum but may also focus on instruction for independent functioning, social and communication skills utilizing principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Progress will be reported every other week with daily communication updates as needed.



Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes is the Director of the Exceptional Student Education Program at Back Creek Christian Academy. Her background is a balance of advocacy and education. She was an advocate for individuals with differing abilities and their families long before she was an educator. Advocacy is always close to her heart and seen in her work with families and students in the community as well as her work in schools. Elizabeth began her career teaching for years in several different public school systems before finding a new calling in private, Christian Education as a program director. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Special Education at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she has already earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. Elizabeth is also a wife and mother of a toddler, and resides in South Carolina just over the border. Here at Back Creek Christian Academy, her passion and purpose are aligned in her work in doing what is best for children with special needs.


Please fill out this form if you are interested in more information on how we can serve your student.