BCCA Honor Code and Technology Policy


TruthThis year, BCCA is enacting a new technology policy; we believe that the use of technology is most effective when it supports, rather than distracts from, academic growth. The intent of this new policy is to harness the benefits of technology while protecting the innocence of our students. A change in policy limits the amount of policing required to manage student’s time and attention, prevents opportunity for its misuse by students for un-related education purposes, and protects students from habits that make them vulnerable to online predators. Additionally, we are convinced that limiting freedom of access to cell phones offers a more distraction free mind and spirit. This policy will not interfere with your ability to speak with your child or to be informed should the need arise. The upper school staff and the school office are able to quickly access your student should you need to contact him or her. Thank you for your support and cooperation in enforcing this new policy.

Click here to read our Honor Code and Technology Policy.

Janet Ballard,  Head of School



Author: Janet Ballard

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